Release 1.0

KubeEdge will provide the fundamental infrastructure and basic functionalities for IOT/Edge workload. This includes:

  • K8s Application deployment through kubectl from Cloud to Edge node(s)
  • K8s configmap, secret deployment through kubectl from Cloud to Edge node(s) and their applications in Pod
  • Bi-directional and multiplex network communication between Cloud and edge nodes
  • K8s Pod and Node status querying with kubectl at Cloud with data collected/reported from Edge
  • Edge node autonomy when its getting offline and recover post reconnection to Cloud
  • Device twin and MQTT protocol for IOT devices talking to Edge node

Release 2.0 and Future

  • Build service mesh with KubeEdge and Istio
  • Enable function as a service at Edge
  • Support more types of device protocols to Edge node such as AMQP, BlueTooth, ZigBee, etc.
  • Evaluate and enable super large scale of Edge clusters with thousands of Edge nodes and millions of devices
  • Enable intelligent scheduling of apps. to large scale of Edge nodes
  • etc.